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For the past four years Salvador has worked tirelessly towards the production of a new CD album. Many tunes were composed, evaluated, modified, many rejected, all in a drive to present our fans and supporters with GOOD music (which is becoming an endangered species in our days). Having gone past the composition stage, we rehearsed intensely so as to deliver the best before we started recording in the studio about a year ago.

Alas, come January 2020, with our hope of releasing the album between May and June, Covid 19 and its problems hit entire societies. We were not excluded. Still having some studio work ahead of us, we were forced to self isolate in order to preserve health and life. All our scheduled live performances were cancelled and we are yet to get together as a band.

Well, for as long as there is life, there is hope. We hope that this ugly disease which has caused the world so much suffering will soon disappear, giving us the opportunity to present our new work to the world and to resume our lives as performing musicians.

Bear with us!

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